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Help Support Educational Opportunities for (Q)ueer, (T)rans, (B)lack, (I)ndigenous, (P)eople (o)f (C)olor: QTBIPOC! This campaign is raising funds for QTBIPOC folx to study rest and liberation on retreat with me in 2020. Your financial support will provide a stipend, travel funds, lodging, food, education from the yogic and ayurvedic traditions, supplies, deep study and rest.

Why raise scholarships for QTBIPOC? In my years of healing, teaching and educating I have found a glaring absence within the wellness industry due to inequity and inequality. I am changing that now. After four years of offering private sessions to black brown and indigenous folx for little to no cost, I decided it was necessary to raise funds for people to study with me through private session, immersion and retreat. People of color deserve space to navigate the world of injustice. People of color deserve rest as a human right. My years of study with my teachers has given me incredible tools and resources to provide for my students and my community. My life as an activist has pushed me further to call on my community to make this dream a reality. Your donation is not just paying for someone else to travel, it’s a powerful reminder that they TOO deserve wellness, self care, time for self-study. This isn’t just a campaign, it’s a revolution. Donate today by clicking the link below and thank you!