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People of Color & Women of Color Yoga/Sangha

My students and I are currently in search of a new space in Minneapolis where I can teach and provide for people of color and women of color to practice and continue taking our power back.  

While there have been many offers, I am, in truth, not interested in serving a quota i.e. "woman of color/ Indian American teaches at our studio" or "we offer yoga to people of color too," but do not pay our teachers for their work.  

My desires and the honest truth

I want to teach wellness in a space that has yoga props, that is already cleaned when I arrive so I can manifest my work without having to drain myself.  I want to partner with an organization/individual(s) desiring to see that I get paid properly for my work as a teacher in the community!  It is unethical to ask people of color to teach and provide yoga and wellness, and in turn, revoke them of their financial due just to reflect this growing trend.  My poc cohorts agree with me- this has never been sustainable for us or the community at large.

The most radical thing you can do is offer space without asking for women of color to take what money we do have out of our pockets to provide for our community.  

If you are interested in providing space or know someone/an organization interested please reach out to me:  I am eager to connect!

Finally I would like to thank Ephraim Cruz Eusebio and Modus Locus for opening their door to me over a year ago and giving me the tools and space to manifest self-advocacy as a woman of color!  

Thank you and be well,




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