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Winter Practice with Serita

photo by Sarah White

photo by Sarah White


Get lots of rest.

Drink water.

Eat nourishing warm foods with warming spices.

Spend time with sangha -likeminded people who support your dharma and challenge your inner growth

Build your artha- build your means, take risks and dive into the heart of that which enables to live out your dreams

Keep the Fire going! No better time then now to keep your inner fire lit.

Light a candle at dawn and dusk and repeat your sankalpa for the next three months

Winter is a great time to establish rhythm and make space for self reflection and self-mastery.  Join me every week to deepen your practice of balance and well-being. This time of year is reserved for spiritual awakening. It is a quiet time when our bodies and minds desire spaciousness to rest, rejuvenate, and begin the work of deeper inquiry. The winter season in Minnesota provides us with rich opportunities to inquire within what it is we are called to do now.



   Donation-based Vinyasa 9:30a Tarana, Mpls


    5:30p Free Restorative One Yoga, Mpls
    7:30p Hatha, One Yoga, Mpls


     9:30a Hatha, One Yoga, Mpls


  9:30a Hatha & Mediation, One Yoga, Mpls

     Vinyasa 11a, One Yoga, Mpls