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Goodbye One Yoga, Mpls

Friends, Healers, Activists,

I am no longer teaching at One Yoga. My work is expanding in the city and nationally and I need to make more space for myself to uphold my dharma and my dreams.

I love my students at One and will miss them soooo much! Teaching to a full room of people ready to do deep inner work has been incredibly fulfilling. I’ve spoken so much about class, race, ableism, body shaming, gender and sexuality in these practices. I’ve had hard convos at the beginning of class addressing spiritual bypassing, white privilege and white supremacy, and my students keep coming back.

Tameka Colbert and Serita Colette post practice

Tameka Colbert and Serita Colette post practice

I also need to thank every single BiPOC LGBTQIA for supporting me and coming to these classes- so many of you to name, damn and my synchro team The Subversive Sirens for supporting my work. I am lucky and I am grateful.

To new work, vision and inner prosperity!