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Whether you are new or advanced to healing practices, private sessions provide scope and expansion to help you move into a routine that supports balance, well-being, and higher awakening.  The purpose of any private session is to aid your growing awareness of living a life with ease and balance amidst the shifting tides of change.  

Focus On the Mat:

Building confidence in alignment and asana. Ayurvedic support, marma chikitsa (108 point therapy), Nidra for rest and relaxation.  Learn and build morning and evening breath-work, relaxation techniques to support a healthy immune system.  Learn meditation practices that fit your routine.  Build a strong home practice.

Focus Off the Mat:

Working through grief, anxiety, depression, & trauma (physical, emotional, generational, secondary, community).  Recognizing joy and remembering you deserve to feel and recieve all aspects of joy everyday.  Connecting more deeply to the sacred aspects of life.  Building a deeper relationship to the planet.

Sankalpa: building strong resolutions and desires to fulfill your life's purpose. 


Session Rate: $125, Sliding Scale Option $100-150
-Group/Retreat rates will vary in price

Sessions last 1-2 hours.  Unless otherwise specified sessions will be held at One Yoga or The A-Mill Artist Lofts.  

Please fill out the intake form below.  Your information is strictly confidential.

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Amor Tropícal, Troncones, México

Amor Tropícal, Troncones, México

Photo by Serita; Gichi-onigamiing, Grand Portage North Shore

Photo by Serita; Gichi-onigamiing, Grand Portage North Shore